Blind Fish Don’t Talk: A Julia Fairchild Mystery Price: $2.99 (as of 06/06/2023 00:06 PST- Details)

“I…enjoyed it as much as if it were written by Dorothy L. Sayers or Agatha Christie.” John McC.

“…a thoroughly enjoyable read. It took me on a romantic and murdering journey…congratulations a great book, Julia Fairchild…it has film potential.” John C., UK

“I like murder mysteries, especially Swedish female writers and now one American as well. I saw the story unwind like a movie…next step Hollywood?” Raija A.



An experienced diver is found dead. Discovering the truth means endangering her own life.

Dr. Julia Fairchild’s plans for a relaxing stress-free vacation on the island of St. Maarten turn dangerous when she resists the assumption that the death was accidental. Will she discover the truth without ending up dead herself?

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