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A brief encounter changes two lives forever in an enthralling novel of love, loss and longing.


England 1944. In the shadow of the war raging in Europe, Tom and Anna meet by chance. He is an American pilot on a 72-hour pass and she is a secretary, trapped in a life going nowhere. Surprised by each other, they begin a passionate affair.

Their happiness does not last. Shot down over Europe, wounded and in hiding, Tom has no way of telling Anna he is alive. And Anna, left waiting in England, has no way of finding out. How can she know that Tom is struggling to return to her? Or that the thought of her is all that keeps him going on the long journey home? In a world where promises are hard to keep, all she can do is hope. Until she discovers her mother is keeping secrets, and then it is a race against time.

From the hardships of a war-weary England to the dangers of occupied France, Another Time and Place is an emotional love story like no other. Perfect for fans of Deborah Swift, Kristin Hannah, and Kristin Harmel.

Readers are loving Another Time and Place.
“Perfectly blended mix of history and love story.”
“A fast paced plot and a powerful love story.”
“Easy to read, hard to set down.”
“Very emotional and beautiful.”

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