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This storyline is intriguing . There’s a serial killer who signs a note that he’s their brother. The brothers share women and these women are being killed. Species married a stray for six months but now he may want to keep her.


I’ve never met him. Never even seen him.
But I’ve heard the whispers. The chilling rumors of a man everyone fears.

They say his presence wraps around your throat whenever he enters a room—a force I feel the moment he walks into the diner where I work and I hear people breathe out his name.

Alexius Del Rossa.

Notorious bastard. Cold-blooded tyrant. Crown Prince of the Dark Sovereign Mafia.

Men say he has ice in his veins, and women talk about the corrupted heart in his chest. He’s the kind of man you pray never to cross paths with. The kind of man a girl like me has no chance of surviving.

But while his eyes trap mine, and his magnetism touches my skin, I’m unable to move when he forces me into a corner and hands me an envelope.

It’s an offer.
One I can’t refuse.

See, I have nothing. No family. No friends. No home.
I can disappear, and no one will know.

And that is exactly why he chose me.

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