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A Sinner’s Promise is book 1 in the De Bellis Crime Family Saga, All books in this sereis are stand alone dark romances


Being the eldest son has always been a blessing and a curse. I was raised to be one thing and one thing only.
A monster.
My father did everything in his power to make sure that’s exactly what I became too.
He wasn’t expecting that the monster he created would be the one to take him out though.
Now I’m in charge. Of the family, the empire. Everything.
I’m learning real fast that being the boss isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The first order of business was finding a new place to live. I didn’t want my four younger brothers to have to remain in the house of horrors, aka our childhood home, any longer than they had to be.
But the second I lay eyes on my new realtor, my sole focus becomes making her mine in every way possible.

I’ve worked my ass off to land the elite property listings in Melbourne.
The downfall? Elite properties come with elite assholes.
I’ve learnt over the past year how to deal with the suggestive comments and overly friendly touches from prospective buyers.
When I meet my latest client, Gio De Bellis, all my skills seem to go on vacation.
Because one look at him has me wanting to throw caution to the wind and give in to the temptation he’s offering.
But my career is way more important to me than one sinfully appetising, hot piece of man candy. At least, I think it is…

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