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This is a story of overcoming loss, of a secret underworld so few know about and the people who work to bring it down, of the bonds that hold teams and families together, and of course, a wonderful, slow-burn romance that has you rooting for the characters the whole way through!


As the oldest of four brothers, Aiden Beckett was born to be a leader. The former Army Ranger was groomed to lead a team of special operatives hand-picked to go after human traffickers. This joint effort between the NSA and U.S. Marshals was the kind of operation where Aiden’s leadership skills and abilities thrived.

Alongside his brothers, Aiden and his team became the very best of the best, shutting down human trafficking rings and bringing innocent victims back home. But when tragedy strikes, hitting too close to home, Aiden must continue on and lead his team into a mission that could define their very existence.

Leaning on his team, and getting closer and closer to NSA agent Brynn Sanders, Aiden will either command the mission of his life, or he will lead his family into yet another tragedy.

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