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On a voyage from India after her family is murdered, Rose is headed to England to be with extended family. This is the first in a series of mysteries for the main character. Rose is not a natural sleuth, her learning curve starts off bumpy and lands her into trouble. This creates a story arc that follows Rose’s progression in learning to follow and gain clues to solve a murder before the boat arrives at its destination and the killer goes free.


Murder and intrigue on the Arabian Sea…

When Rose Beckingham sets sail for England in the summer of 1926, she brings more than souvenirs from her years in India. She carries the memory of a family tragedy and a secret so terrible it could destroy the new life she hopes to build in London.

But Rose isn’t the only passenger aboard the RMS Star of India with something to hide. Halfway across the Arabian Sea, death strikes and a murderer begins a deadly game only Rose can hope to end.

With a mysterious Frenchman haunting her steps, can Rose outrun her past? And can she stay alive long enough to decipher the clues left by a taunting killer? Or will murder call again before the first port?

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