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An action-packed story, featuring complex and fascinating characters, and twists and turns that will take your breath away. A must-read for fans of Western action and romance.


As a bounty hunter, Jensen leads a simple life, providing for his orphaned sisters from what he earns. As soon as he is offered a large sum of money to catch a criminal, he feels as if his prayers have been answered. Yet, when he discovers that the thief is just a desperate girl, his sense of right and wrong challenges his need for money.Will Jensen take the girl back to the man who hired him or will he be faced with violent retribution instead?

It might be time for Jensen to bend the rules a little bit, even at the risk of losing everything…

Since losing both parents, Tillie has been living on the streets, stealing from unsuspecting passersby in order to survive. However, she does have one rule to follow; she only robs the rich. Little did she know that stealing from Fabian Poole would set her on a path to ruin. Will Tillie find a way to escape punishment for the theft she has committed?

The cat-and-mouse game has just begun…

Jensen and Tillie will soon realize that it’s not just a stolen wallet at stake, but something far more important to Fabian. With shots fired and a chase through trains, towns, and circuses across the state, they must join forces if they are to uncover the truth… Is there any chance for them to solve the mysterious puzzle and live to fight another day?

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