A Perfect Wife (Blake Wilder FBI Mystery Thriller Book 2)

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Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
What ever you do, don’t let him catch you




‘Til death do us part…

They say every action you take has a series of consequences. And that death is an inevitable end.
There is truth to all of that, but for a price.
The precious thing you lost, might just find its way back to you…

Fourteen years ago, Blake Wilder’s life turned into one of tragedy.
In an instant she lost her family… Her parents murdered, and her sister taken.
At the age of 22, Blake joined the FBI in hopes of discovering the truth behind the mysteries of her past.
Now, she is called to a homicide scene involving a brutal murder of a male victim.
But, what started out as a simple case turns into one that involves a sadistic killer that preys on young women.
And the further Blake dives into the case the more she realizes that the killer has a dark and twisted fantasy life of romance and courtship.

And with his eighth victim already in his grasp, it’s up to her to get into the man’s head and figure him out before the clock runs out on this girl and he moves onto his ninth victim.


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