50 Delicious Chicken Recipes: the most delicious chicken recipes

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Delicious when done right, chicken is the cornerstone of meals that anyone can master. You can at long last make the most of those chicken breasts waiting for you to serve them up. Let your creative side shine, and conquer chicken once and for all!



Ubiquitous across restaurant and family dinner tables alike, chicken is a mainstay in cuisines worldwide. Realizing this, is it any wonder that chicken is a meat that people have experimented with, dressed up, and seasoned ad nauseam? Perfection, of course, is something that is aimed at but rarely achieved, which is why master chefs continue to experiment with chicken recipes. In 50 Delicious Chicken Recipes, Will Brooks gives some of his most unique and fascinating takes on the classic meat, providing twists at turns surprising and at turns jarring.

This is a book filled to the brim with chicken recipes that will suit any and every palate. Whether you want something that is delectable or you want something that is spicy, you will find a recipe to fall in love with in 50 Delicious Chicken Recipes. Mr. Brooks has collected an assortment of culinary concepts in this book, going into detail on the recipes but also making the instructions simple enough that anyone can follow along.


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