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Who was the original Agent 355?
If you like the Broadway hit Hamilton, AMC’s Turn, or Alexander Rose’s Washington’s Spies, you won’t be able to put down this meticulously researched tale of family, duty, love, and betrayal!

Inspired by the true stories of these real-life heroines, 355 was a semi-finalist in the GOETHE Book Awards for post-1750s Historical Fiction!


1776 British sympathizer Margaret (Meg) Moncrieffe expects to find the carefree America she remembers as a youth when she returns from her Irish boarding school. Instead, she finds the new country at war, with her father on one side and her new love, Aaron Burr, on the other. Will her misguided attempt to end the war result in dire consequences for the Continental Army?

After her husband Jonathan is captured by the British and dies aboard one of the notorious prison ships, a pregnant Elizabeth Burgin realizes she is stronger than she once thought. But when the Culper Ring enlists her help on a prison heist, is Elizabeth willing to sacrifice everything in order to save the lives of strangers?

Instead of finding herself in danger when British intelligence officer Major John André shows up at her family’s doorstep, Sally Townsend finds herself falling in love. Nonetheless, she seizes the opportunity to pass on intelligence to her brother, Robert, knowing that one false move could result in the noose for them both. What will happen when Sally finds out that Major André is playing the same dangerous game as she and Robert, albeit for the other side?

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