Christian Poetry Collection book

Author: Larissa Hinton

I was in the darkness. I made it my home. Voices would criticize me and I will swallow those bitter pills daily. I thought I was worthless and I never knew my purpose. I picked up my pen to etch my sorrows and to share my pain. I thought once I shared it, it would help me to heal. And, in a way, it did. It led to more pain. The struggle to be seen. To be heard. Until I was.

Jesus extended His hand to mine. He led me out of the darkness. His cross, His sacrifice burned heavily into mine. He understood my pain, my struggle. I no longer was alone. We inked words together. I haven’t been the same. There is a direct contrast in my life. Before I knew Christ and After he led me out. This collection shows the difference for God’s glory.

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