The Fat Bitch Diet by A. R. Khan

The Fat Bitch Diet by A. R. Khan

The Fat Bitch Diet Kindle Edition

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Bursting with humor and emotion, The Fat Bitch Diet tells the light-hearted story of a heavy, witty, twenty-something female who challenges herself to lose weight after she becomes a victim of a viral video. A.R. Khan skillfully entertains with witty banter, while educating the reader on weight loss and touching on themes of self-worth, sexuality, social media, love, loss and family.Viola is twenty-nine years old, heavy, and counting down the days to an inevitable marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Franklin. After hearing his true intentions and being humiliated over a radio call-in show, Viola becomes a viral sensation. With a desperate desire to win Franklin’s heart, lose weight, and become his bride, Viola quickly realizes that fate has other plans for her.



“The Fat Bitch Diet (love this title…) is a hilarious yet powerfully written story that is not only deep and emotional, but is well crafted too. To be honest it was very hard to put down after the first chapter.

I love the characters and their differing personalities which creates much conflict for this exceptional story. The length of this book was perfect! Not too long, not too short and best of all, it kept me entertained for hours. Overall, The Fat Bitch Diet was a very satisfying read and it’s something I will read again.” – Amazon 5 star review!

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