The Grifter’s Daughter: Book #1 in the Grifter’s Daughter Series Price: $3.99 (as of 06/06/2023 00:06 PST- Details)

Imagine You Stole A Million Dollars –
From Your Fiancé. On The Eve Of Your Wedding.

Author Lindsay has created a refreshingly human and appealing heroine who’ll keep readers coming back for more. Laugh-out-loud funny, inventive, and appropriately low-life, this delectable first taste of the Dani Silver series will delight fans of heist and caper movies (think THE STING, and all the OCEAN’S films, especially the all-female OCEAN’S EIGHT), TV series about loveable con artists and female criminals, like LEVERAGE, IMPOSTERS, and of course GOOD GIRLS—and books!

There just aren’t enough of them. But if you can’t get enough of Donald Westlake’s riotous Dortmunder gang and Lawrence Block’s Bernie Rhodenbarr, Dani’s your new BFF.



Dani Silver doesn’t have to imagine. She just did it. And she’s got big plans for her share of that million in cash she and her father scammed from her billionaire fiancé (although strictly speaking, that might make him her ex-fiancé.)

Now she’s going to run her own operation—a long con, a dying art currently practiced by only a few old-timers. Fortunately, she learned from the best con man still living, as he’s happy to remind Dani…often—Leroy “Pops” Amadeus Logan, who happens to be herpops.

Dani—or Mona Pasternelli, or Carly McNair, or any number of aliases she can pull out of her pocket—has gotten by for the past couple of decades on small cons. She’s got a con for every occasion. Need to get rid of your abusive husband? No murder necessary…it’s so much more satisfying to just mess with him and screw up his life.

Thanks to her ex-fiancé, she can afford to put up the front money for the sting she’s got in mind, and she’s looking for a mark. But not just any mark. Her idea of going sort of straight requires that the mark be crooked and really deserving of being fleeced.

The perfect candidate appears in the person of a televangelist who talked the widowed mother of a friend into signing over her house to his church. When the plan runs riotously amok, Dani goes back to Pops for help in figuring out where she went wrong. She backtracks, adjusts course, and—with her delightfully cockamamie crew in tow—the game is on again!


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