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When most of the population is united under one Kingdom there is no room for an inadequate king. To ensure that each heir is fit to rule and no bad seed would destroy the flourishing empire, a challenge was introduced to test the heir.

A story, where the crisp narrative follows along Mark and Jonathan on the journey which changes both of their lives. The book raises a lot of questions about great-many things but eventually leaves it up to the reader to open whichever door they choose, because …’I can’t nail down the moral high-ground, as it exists not. But among those many options, may these possibilities give you clarity.’…


The challenge of Ebrado.

It is executed by an untouchable and mysterious cult; the Quillium, and it has shaped history by deciding which heir was to rule, binding the royal family to a tradition which grew ancient over the many kings.

Mark has embarked on this physically and psychologically arduous journey because as the rightful heir he had to, and Jonathan has joined him because he was chosen to. The enigmatic tradition proves to be a lot more complex than either of them would’ve initially expected it to be and holds many more secrets than could be easily unraveled by either someone as prepared as Mark or someone as sharp as Jonathan.

Once they do learn what the Challenge of Ebrado truly is, with the help of the given clues and forbidden interventions, they finally see the true depths of what they are up against.
Mark is doing what he was told to do, and Jonathan is doing what he was raised to do.

The fate of the Kingdom is at stake, yet both question if it’s worth it.

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