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The story had as many twists as a Tennessee highway. Everything from Jenny’s current dilemma to past history mysteries and scandals. Well defined characters and very well executed plots, an enjoyable read from start to finish.


They were calling it the Bad Luck Wedding Dress, and Jenny Fortune knew that spelled trouble for her Fort Worth dressmaking shop. Just because the Bailey girls had met with one mishap or another after wearing Jenny’s loveliest creation, her clientele had begun to stay away in droves. Yet Jenny was still betting she could turn her luck around—by wearing the gown herself at her very own wedding. There’s just one hitch: first she has to find a groom.

Trace McBride seemed as likely a candidate as any. An attractive widower raising three little girls who were fast becoming three little outlaws, Trace badly needed a woman’s loving touch. Jenny wasn’t altogether sure she knew how to get a man to propose marriage, but she was willing to take off her spectacles, let down her honey-blonde hair, and even give flirtation a try. But when seduction turns into red-hot passion, Jenny will find herself risking everything—even her life—on the chance that she’ll be lucky in love.

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