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Pretty Guilty Women is the summer thriller  with a suspenseful twist on the classic beach read, Pretty Guilty Women is page-turning thriller perfect for fans of Liv Constantine and Liane Moriarty and any fan of Big Little Lies looking for beautiful views, romantic escapes, and a surplus of murder suspects.


Something has gone terribly wrong to turn the Banks wedding into a murder mystery. Four different women rush to offer confessions, each insisting that they committed the crime—alone.

Ginger is holding her family together by a thread. Kate is used to buying her way out of everything. Emily’s drowning her whole vacation in a bottle. Lulu’s been getting rid of men for years—and has the ex-husbands to prove it.

Four women, holding their friends close and their secrets closer. Four confessions. One murder. Only these women know what really happened—and they’re not telling.

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