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Panama Red is the heart-stopping thriller by Amazon bestselling author David Edward. Packed with pulse-pounding action, gritty realism, and a confidence that can only come from firsthand experience, Panama Red is a masterpiece that will leave you breathless.

Panama Red is a gritty, authentic military thriller that draws from the author’s own covert and dangerous exploits as a military Special Agent, making it a cut above the rest. Fans of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series won’t want to miss this high-octane, fast-paced adventure that will leave them hungry for more. Get your copy of Panama Red now and experience the adrenaline-fueled world of Dirk Lasher!


Winner of the Thriller Category at the prestigious 2021 Millennium Book Awards, Panama Red has already garnered critical acclaim. Kirkus Reviews raves about Edward’s authentic portrayal of Panama during Noriega’s time, bringing the setting to life with frenetic energy. declares that Panama Red can hold its own with the best in the genre, with a special appeal to fans of Tom Clancy and Brad Thor. Readers have been equally captivated, giving it five-star reviews and describing it as intense, unrelenting, and damn good!

Join Army Special Agent Dirk Lasher on what was supposed to be a routine low-level investigation in Panama City, only to find himself caught in the crossfire of a power struggle. As he navigates between Noriega’s militant police force and a shadowy organization bent on crashing the international financial markets, Lasher is drawn into a deadly race for discovery that takes him deep into the murderous jungles near the Panama-Colombia border. Faced with unimaginable dangers and fighting for survival, Lasher’s skills, courage, and determination will be pushed to the limits in this first installment of the Dirk Lasher series.

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