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Wears Valley Witches is a hilarious Paranormal Cozy Mystery series that will keep you on your toes as you learn about the Appalachian witches and their quirky magic.


Mae and Lela Cable are identical twins. Mirror twins, to be exact. They’ve lived a normal life…until now. Their moonshine-swilling, antique-hoarding, geriatric Aunt Bertha insists that they’re descendants of Appalachian witches.
What in the world are they supposed to do with that?

Lela works as a doula and has a knack for medicinal herbs. She’s the adventurous sister who enjoys the single life.

Timid Mae pampers her house plants and is a recently divorced mom who has spent her entire adult life giving in to the desires of her family and ignoring herself.

Can someone say self-care needed, stat?

When the twins decide on a whim to travel cross-country to meet a dying, long-lost relative in the Great Smoky Mountains, they quickly realize that their entire lives were filled with curtains that hid the truth. Even their parents’ cause of death was a lie.

Now they’re sick with mysterious symptoms, water is attacking Mae as she walks through the airport, and Lela is attracting animals like she’s in the middle of an animated princess movie.

Say what? What was that Aunt Bertha had said? Appalachian witches.

Trying to understand and harness their powers is the least of the twins’ worries. Just as they decide to stay a while in their ancestral Tennessee home, they discover someone wants them out of town, like yesterday. But why… and who? Can they overcome their fears and hesitations in time to prevent something terrible from happening?

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