Lethal Incision: A gripping medical thriller (Dr. Zora Smyth Medical Thrill... Price:  $0.00 (as of 12/28/2022 23:08 PST- Details)

Lethal Incision is the second book by Bestselling Author Dobi Cross gripping suspense-filled series of medical thrillers. If you like page-turning non-gory medical thrillers filled with unexpected rollercoaster twists and intrigue, you’ll love Lethal Incision.


When a series of nameless patients vanish after they arrive, Dr. Zora Smyth scrambles for answers. There’s a dark secret…

Chief surgical resident Zora Smyth is used to the atypical: a sister that has disappeared, false murder charges from a serial killer, and a brush with death.

So when nameless patients show up on her operating table and subsequently disappear on her watch, Zora seeks to discover why.

But she soon realizes that the stakes are higher than ever when her sanity is questioned, and a hidden enemy—that wants the dark secrets covered at all costs—endangers everything she holds dear.

As she races to save herself and those precious to her, will she survive and win against the evil that threatens to swallow her up?

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