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he sees the future…and the empire knows it.

Experience science fiction as never before in this thrilling, fast-paced futuristic series with a dash of romance from a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.


To Earthen tourists, Ember is a strange and unusually talented future-teller who likes solitude. To her people, Ember is rebellious and doesn’t belong.
The truth is that she’s desperate to save her dying father, and she’ll tell as many fortunes as it takes to save him.

Except one day, she reads a handsome tourist’s future–and sees herself kissing him.

Worse, she discovers the empire has been watching the girl whose fortunes always come true, and they know she has a gift. One that shouldn’t exist. One the emperor intends to use in his quest to conquer what remains of the galaxy.

As kind as the mysterious and attractive tourist is, Ember resents being torn from her dying father and the only home she’s ever known. She can’t return to save her father until she’s no longer needed, so there’s only one thing to be done.

If Ember is going down, she’s taking the Empire with her.

Experience science fiction as never before in this thrilling, fast

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