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Your teen is at one of the most challenging stages of their life… But there’s a way for them to turn those challenges into opportunities and become a confident and happy young adult!

Being a teenager is tough… but it doesn’t have to be as hard as it is right now. Your teen has what it takes to rise above every challenge and launch themselves into a confident and happy future.


Remember when you were a kid, watching movies about teenagers and longing for the day that you would finally be one of them? The parties, the friendships, the laughter…

And then you got there, and you discovered that the movies only paint a tiny corner of the picture. Sure, you have friends, and sometimes you can’t contain your laughter…

But there’s the other side, too… and that’s what your teen is facing right now.

There’s the insecurity, the stress of tests and presentations, the longing to see a different reflection staring back at you in the mirror… Why don’t they show that in the movies?

Being a teenager is the full rollercoaster ride of emotions.

They might start the day full of energy and enthusiasm, but by the time they get to the cafeteria, they’ve been through anger, frustration, and hurt.

How can you help them get this under control?

Well, there is a way…

Being a teenager is tough… but there are things your teen can do to rise above every challenge life throws at them and take charge of their emotions.

Better yet, when they discover these transformative techniques, they’ll find themselves on a path of personal growth that will set them up for life.

Inside this practical and engaging workbook, your teen will discover:

CBT and DBT demystified… They’re not just more letters that stand for things that twist your brain into a pretzel: They’re a secret gateway to confidence and resilience!
How to understand what they’re actually feeling – and what they can do with that powerful knowledge when they do
Two of the greatest superpowers every teen already has… and how to unlock them
The name of that little voice inside your head that likes to tell you you’re not good enough – with practical advice for talking back… louder!
Why problems are actually challenges in disguise (and how your teen can overcome them with confidence)
The top signs of stress and anxiety, their common triggers… and how to get on top of them
How to be your own best friend – and why this is way better than it sounds!
A trusted roadmap for navigating every relationship… no matter how complicated it is
A treasure trove of practical exercises to help your kid start their transformation immediately
Real-life situations that demonstrate exactly how to put these new skills into effective action
And much more.

You can already see the eyeroll… “A workbook? Don’t I get enough of them in school?”

And here’s your answer: “No. If you did, you’d already know how to unlock these superpowers and become the master of your emotions.”

Ready to help your teen unlock their current superpowers and grow new and amazing ones?

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