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This is a sweet romance that gets you involved with the characters. Summer supporting the emotional roller coaster of Paris’ breakup from her movie star husband and her waning pleasure in her job. These two ladies take a vacation in a delightful little town where Paris has meet two really good guys. Which guy rings her chimes? This book has charm, a little romance and a cliff hanger ending!


Three years since her divorce, and Paris Nicholson was still very pessimistic about dating again. With her ex-husband being a popular movie star, the hounding from the press and the general public took its toll on her. As a successful magazine editor, Paris has everything to live for career-wise. She buries the loneliness and throws herself into work. Her best friend, Summer manages to convince her to take a vacation to the picturesque, charming town of Dawn Falls. Meeting the bachelor of the town, Liam Blake has set her heart aflame in a way that she had never experienced before.

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