Working With a Demon (A Tale of Andor)

Working With a Demon (A Tale of Andor)

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Author: M. K. Theodoratus

Not only is Grant Highgrim about to be evicted from his apartment for nonpayment, his career as a reporter is on the line.

When he learns about the world’s oldest living man—the reclusive 150-year-old Nobel Prize winner Dr Henry Allsdipp—Highgrim is determined to interview him. He thinks he has found a way to get his floundering career on track. All he has to do is to persuade Allsdipp to reveal the secret of his long life.

On the day that Highgrim arrives to interview the ill-tempered recluse, everything goes wrong. A horde of demon beetles invades the home, seeking just one thing–Henry Allsdipp’s soul. Highgrim must conquer his irrational fear of insects to save the old man and his own future at the same time.

How can he save the cranky Allsdipp from the demons coming to take him away?

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