Wings by Sunny Angel

Wings by Sunny Angel

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When Sunita captures the eye of a predator, her world is turned upside down. Subjected to the barriers of living with a traditional Indian family, Sunita finds herself unable to seek the support she needs from them.Facing her predator alone, Sunita, young and naïve, finds herself drawn to him; a man who claims to have the power to destroy her family if she doesn’t comply with his demands.Desperate to keep her family from harm, Sunita gives in. He says he loves her… more than her family does. When his manipulation moves to the next level, Sunita finds herself trapped in a world she could never have imagined. It was almost like she was three-years-old again, but this time, things are worse… much worse.Her fear, feelings of degradation and shame only compound the emotional turmoil she faces. Chained by the guild of bringing heartache and shame to her family, Sunita starts to believe this is the life she cut out for herself. After all, that’s what everyone was saying, so why shouldn’t it be true?Sunita finds herself propelled from one form of abuse to another… a victim can either surrender to their abuse, or rise above it…This is the inspirational true story of Sunny Angel and her strength to overcome the manipulation, lies, violence, threats and violation she was subjected to. Her scars tell the story of a survivor…

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