Best Biographical Fiction on Dublin

Author: Mutasem Nahed Hattar


This novel is a fictionalized autobiography about coming to terms with the failure of being able to save the “Savior” from the “no city’s” evil ruler and brainwashed masses.

It focuses on the writer’s love/hate relationship with Dublin- which he suddenly finds himself in- and the challenges of finding his voice as a novelist even though he does not want to become one.  There are central themes about the destruction of the relationship with the love of his life- whom he calls- “the heroine with the pierced heart”.

The novel has many passages of stream of consciousness discussing persecution, PTSD, existential matters, literature, euphoria and dysphoria, grief, depression, loneliness, deprivation, metaphysics, spirituality, eastern philosophy, politics, dealing with addiction, alcoholism, gambling. anti-colonialism, anti-capitalism, anti- consumerism, focus on Dublin historical and modern themes,with euphoric delusional connections with James Joyce, Irish writers, heroes,1916 Easter Rising and Irish mythology.


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