The Watchman’s Grace by Craig Johnson

The Watchman’s Grace by Craig Johnson

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AFRICA. AMERICA. IRELAND. SURVIVAL. The Watchman’s Grace welcomes you to a fresh, unique adventure. Discover how these lands became fundamentally linked through unforgettable circumstances, starting with the the life of Kigwa, Prince of the Ehra tribe.The Watchman’s Grace tells a sweeping saga covering captivating characters connected by a unique convergence of events. Stunning people live within a tale spanning over two centuries, experiencing everything from sheer desperation to uplifting hope. Each one strives within their demanding situations to overcome lives less than ordinary in the 19th and 20th centuries. Compelling historical context provides a delicious backdrop while enriching this account of two mighty struggles.Enjoy reading a moving story which is never certain or secure. Purchase your passport to this exciting adventure which will hold your interest until its unusual ending.

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