The War Planners by Andrew Watts

The War Planners by Andrew Watts

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From USA Today bestselling author and former US Navy pilot Andrew Watts:A nation on the brink of war.A conspiracy that threatens the globe.And one man, caught in the middle, racing to uncover the truth.Technologist David Manning is abruptly taken from his Northern Virginia home and thrown into the cabin of an unmarked jet. He is whisked half a world away, to a shadowy government base on a remote tropical island.Lena Chou, the beautiful and deadly CIA operative, is waiting for him there. Lena is in charge of a covert American Red Cell, and has gathered many such experts together.For the countdown has begun. China – owner of the largest army in the world – plans to invade the United States of America. The only questions are when, and how? Now, in order to prepare the US defense, Lena’s Red Cell must identify China’s most likely attack plan.But as David plans for war, he discovers a dark secret. Not everyone in the Red Cell intends for America to win…

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