Vicious Intentions by Frank A Casey

Vicious Intentions by Frank A Casey

Vicious Intentions Kindle Edition

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In this dark thriller, passion leads to murder, suicide and betrayal because nothing is off limits when the goal is her heart.Lying detained in a dark hospital room with bandages on his slit wrists and a detective interrogating him as the prime suspect for the murder of the girl he loved isn’t exactly what Carter had imagined for tonight. His evening should have ended in a warm bathtub with a sharp knife to finally silence his inner demons. Now Carter is forced to relive his last moments with her the night she left him forever and convince the detective he didn’t kill her in an act of passion. Follow the lead detective as he delves inside a mind filled with anxiety, hidden rage and years of pent-up anger to prove how he could have committed this brutal murder.She wanted to leave him and move on with her life, did he make sure she wouldn’t live… without him?
“What a page turner. Great plot lines with some good turns and twists. Great book. Very intense thriller!”
-Peter D Butterfield (Kindle Review)

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