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Brad and his hardened Marine veterans take on ISIS terrorists in the shattered trenches of Iraq.

Brandon Murphy a former Force Recon Marine is now a contracted mercenary for an organization known as Belus. Belus has been covertly hired by the U.S. to assist Iraqi forces in the 2016 battle to retake Mosul.

When Brandon is taken hostage, he shows up on a video where he is threatened to be beheaded unless Guantanamo Bay prisoners are released.

But the U.S. has turned their back on Brandon, and it’s up to Brad and his team to save him if he has any chance to survive. It’s a race against time for Brad’s crew as they head for Iraq on a hair-raising mission to track down and rescue their former comrade.

Ride along as America’s best take on insurmountable odds against the well-armed and nefarious Sunni extremists.

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