The Tough Mama’s Guide to Survival by Jenny Ahmed

The Tough Mama’s Guide to Survival by Jenny Ahmed

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Tough Mama is a guide for the mama of the family, showing how to begin prepping, finding a Safe Spot and how to pay for it with pennies on the dollar. Many topics are included that don’t appear in other books, such as how can you get free education to learn how to build a survival garden, first aid, radiation, emergency first aid, medical and more. Tough Mama shows you how to build your food store and items you need in your Safe Spot to ensure you not only survive, but thrive! Tough Mama saw a need in the prepping community – Women! As guardians of the family, the woman needs to be at the forefront of knowledge and not have to rely on anyone. This is a time that women are the heads of the households and it is the time we are empowered to protect ourselves! The maze of prepping and finding where you need to shelter your family is complex. Tough Mama shows how you can navigate this maze into steps that will ensure safety and success to your planning. Survive and thrive!

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