Summer has arrived and now you’re ready to hit the beach. Anyone who has tried reading on the beach knows it is the best reading experience you will ever have (under the right conditions). Here are top 3 beach reading tips:

1. E-Reader

Make sure your e-reader or tablet has an anti-glare screen. Not all readers have this feature so make sure to double check first. If you don’t already have this feature, consider upgrading as it will be well worth the extra dollar. Lastly, make sure you have a full charge on the battery for peace of mind.

2. Snacks

Bring lots of finger size snacks and cold water to stay hydrated. The top 2 snacks we recommend would be grapes because they are sweet, sugary, healthy and filled with water (nothing but win).

Dark chocolate is the not so distant #2 recommendation. Keep the chocolate in a cooler to make sure it doesn’t melt before your munchy mood arrives. Chocolate is the perfect choice due to the minor amounts of caffeine to keep you focused, and don’t forget the feel good endorphins that get released when eating such a majestic snack.

3. Ear Buds

Do you love the sounds of waves, a cool breeze on a hot day, and a beautiful calm sky? Then why would you bring ear buds to the beach you ask? Because you need to expect the unexpected. You never know what may happen and you need to be prepared. What if a bunch of partying teenages show up? Or loud playful (but annoying) children start running around your cozy spot? I have heard stories of everything from treasure hunters carrying loud metal detectors to radio blaring hooligans ruining an otherwise peaceful afternoon.

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