Out of Time: the long way home by D.M Rasey

Out of Time: the long way home by D.M Rasey

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David Graham is a mundane guy. A frugal broken-down car, a soul-sucking desk job, a high-school-sweetheart-turned-wife and a dog in a cracker-box in a Los Angeles suburb. He goes into his doctor’s office for some routine tests and forgets about them, figuring there’s no reason to worry. A few weeks later, he has an appointment.“You have cancer.”Then he gets home from the doctor’s and finds his wife screwing the neighbor. Finally, he gets fired from his job, and his doctor tells him the follow-up tests show his cancer is terminal. So, to ease the inevitable, he sends Dave to a support group.Leaving the meeting, an older man approaches him outside. The man verbalizes he can remedy Dave if he works for him. He calls the geriatric man that night and agrees to meet. It turns out the old white-haired man lives in a decommissioned missile silo in the desert, where he keeps his crazy high-tech lab. He offers a promising remedy. The caveat is that the method has never got tested; hence, the perils are consummately unknown. With little to lose, David concurs to undergo the procedure. A trusting relationship builds between David and his newfound friend as they collaborate to bring this revolutionary marvel of science and medicine to fruition. Although, the remedy, for his ailment, is not without possible side-effects, some incomprehensible…

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