Psychological Thriller book deals

Author: Samantha Coil

A Gripping Psychological Thriller and Crime Mystery with a Chilling Twist Filled with Suspense.

One secret that changes the whole story.

Eleanor hadn’t experienced a normal childhood. The dreams that haunted her nights spilled into her life like uninvited visitors. The noises, the aromas, the horror of the past touched her life in a way that nothing else did. Successful in her career as a loan broker, Eleanor knew that something was amiss.

Her father had tried to keep in touch with her, but was this healthy?

Was it adding to her problems rather than detracting from them?

Eleanor steps back into the past and feels the vulnerability that was her childhood. She sees the tracks of her life, the story of her dead mother, and the coldness of a world with no love.

The taste of revenge for her is sweet, but how sweet? And how will she cover the tracks of life of childhood darkness? With Maria as her ally, will Eleanor ever find out the truth about her past? Does she want to? She can see from her new standpoint of independence that something went terribly wrong. Unsure of what it was, Eleanor plans to change the picture. It was payback time, and she knew exactly how to initiate that payback.

Standing at the grave of her mother, there are too many questions left unanswered. A stale faded photograph in her handbag gives her no answers. Thus, Eleanor must find her own answers in order to move forward and to feel that she has conquered the ghosts that haunt her.

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