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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are from the authors imagination or are fictitious. Any resemblance to any events, locations, or persons (living or dead), is entirely coincidental.

Dear reader, I don’t want to get you to believe what I believe. I want to get you to see what I see. Why? Simple. Because, seeing is believing.

I invite you to see my 2 free poems below and see what you think? I promise you this, they only get better.

I don’t have a bunch of fancy before words for a foreword. My poetry speaks.


All Alone

All alone in blackness
Lost in my own mind
The thoughts that come the fastest
Are the ones that left me crying
I see people screaming
But I can’t hear a thing
I listened to much as a child
and now my ears just ring
The tears well up in pools
Just beneath my eyes
The men I listened to were fools
and now I can not cry
Tears uncried, stuffed down inside
Heart broken, split open wide
Emotionally cauterized
By men whom I presumed were wise
A cold day in hell come first
Before my spirit dies

In truth and Love

In truth and Love
I try and believe
Blood on my wrist
Heart on my sleeve
I won’t deceive
My eyes are honest
The purest hearts
Beat the strongest
I’ll keep my promise
I will not break
I’ll fall to pieces
I’ll use to create
The masterpiece I’ll make
Will be picture perfect
The art of Love
Makes life worth it

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