The Success Magnet: Cultivate the 5 values that attract success by Roy Redd

The Success Magnet: Cultivate the 5 values that attract success by Roy Redd


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“The Success Magnet is the closest thing to a perfect circle. Roy has taken all of the elements of human need, desire, and drive and created a blueprint for any man or woman to follow. Further, this book masterfully outlines and answers why as humans we can and do go off course. This book provides insight and “outsight,” it provides logic and evidence of transformation and does so with concrete examples of how and why. He goes far beyond the five values and digs deep into beliefs and false thinking. An easy read with a powerful message. – Jo Dibblee International best-selling author

THE SUCCESS MAGNET is a book that teaches tangible systems and ideas that will transform you into a Success Magnet. A Success Magnet is a person who becomes attractive for success so that they no longer have to chase success and waste energy. This book takes really big ideas and articulates them in a way anybody can understand them. If you read this book you will be inspired and you will be taught to master success on all levels. ROY REDD is an author whose writings include Finish, and The Success Magnet: Cultivate The 5 Values That Attract Success. Roy helps people get out of their own way so they can be who they already are and achieve the results and outcomes they desire. Roy was blessed with certain struggles that made him realize he needed to take responsibility for his own life. Broke, depressed, and on his own, Roy ended up pushing his broken-down car two miles on the freeway by himself. That is when he realized nobody was to blame for his problems but himself. After that experience and the gift of self-efficacy, Roy was able to turn his life around. Today he is dedicated to motivating, and teaching others on how to turn their life around. He is dedicated to sharing his story, successes, and how to’s so that others can achieve their most desired goals. At 26 years of age, Roy went from broke to 6 figures in just a few short years. He was able to rub elbows with great people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, JT Foxx, Wayne Allyn Root, Joseph Michelli, and Donna Karan. From coaching to teaching people how to get the best out of themselves, Roy also coaches paying clients on how to get out of their own way so they can achieve their desired outcomes, successes, and dreams. Roy’s philosophy on life and business are unique. They are not based on the status quo but based on study and results. Roy is a true student of life and shares his perspective with inspiration and enthusiasm. Roy is truly dedicated to building a brand that helps others succeed.

In this book, Roy argues that the social paradigms on what success is are just not true. Roy articulates three facts about success that are looked over. Roy defines success as the achievement of a future ideal. With this definition, Roy is trying to say that success can not be what society says it is, but rather a self-expressive personal journey. Furthermore, Roy explains that success is not a destination. The purpose of human beings is to grow as much as possible during their whole life, and if people continuously grow, how can success be a destination? You see, success is a personal journey of finding one’s self and actualizing one’s own beingness over a course of an entire lifetime. Success is very paradoxical in this way: You are successful when you reach the desired ideal you have, but at the same time you aren’t successful because now you have newer more bold ideal’s to reach. You already are successful, but at the same time, you can’t be successful if you are. This book is amazing and you will love it.

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