The Outsider: A New Compelling Novel of Suspense from Stephen King
Author Interview with Stephen King and The Outsider A New Compelling Suspense Novel

The Outsider: A New Compelling Novel of Suspense from Stephen King

Stephen King
The Outsider
Now you see him. Now you don't.

King’s newest book launched on May 22nd and was an instant #1 Bestseller. Reviews are coming in fast and they are what you might expect.. Spectacular!

King, who has published more than 50 best-selling titles over the past 44 years, said “The Outsider” was one of those “magic books” that seemed to tell itself.

“Sometimes you have to kind of pull them through. And this one kind of pulled itself through,” he said of the story.

King was invited to do a live interview with CBS news to discuss his latest masterpiece:


Stephen King and members of the cast and crew share what viewers can expect from The Outsider

Book Editorial Reviews

“How could a man so beloved and respected, a man the whole community has trusted with their children, commit such an unthinkable crime? It can’t be true. It must be true. That’s the situation Stephen King sets up with blazing intensity in the first chapter of his new novel … The Outsider is proof King isn’t losing his touch: It’s a first-rate example of his signature technique of combining solidly realistic writing and believable characters with disturbingly creepy horror…a horrifying ride that challenges its characters not to succumb to their own darkness.”
“A well-researched, finely tuned crime-cum-legal case novel forms a good chunk of the book…it’s a genuinely intriguing mystery… the novel visits some very odd places – and I mean that as a compliment…[King] has always understood that the mystery – the question – is scarier than finding out the truth… The Outsider gives King fans exactly what they want at the same time as cramming in new ideas, proving the least surprising thing of all: that his novels are as strong as they ever were.”

The Outsider by Stephen King Book Trailer

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