The One-Eyed King (The One-Eyed King Trilogy Book 1) by Kenny S. Rich

The One-Eyed King (The One-Eyed King Trilogy Book 1) by Kenny S. Rich


In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is king.Meet the blind, like you’ve never seen them before:
In the year 2020, a nuclear war, perpetrated by a ruling entity known as ‘The ARK,’ devastated Earth, laying over half the planet to waste. Today, the ‘future’ is dark. Every 6 to 18 months, a mushroom cloud envelopes one of the world’s once-great cities as The ARK seeks to wipe out a newly discovered resistance movement. Its ruler, The Anchor, and his Superiors, are ruthless and rule the world with an iron fist.

Until the ‘All-Seeing Army,’ committed to a Blind War, rises against them. These soldiers literally can’t see and this handicap has become their greatest strength. Not only are their other senses heightened to the point of giving them superior fighting skills, but they also represent the only hope for a human race with a peaceful, true and just vision for the future.

Into this clash of titans, a sightless, orphaned boy is thrust. Iori, the eventual One-Eyed King, is kidnapped by this All-Seeing Army and trained for many years as The ARK gets closer to discovering their whereabouts. As commander of the last capable resistance movement on Earth, Iori cannot fail or the entire planet is doomed.

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