Texting Smash-ups, Mishaps, and Laughs by Gail Galvan

Texting Smash-ups, Mishaps, and Laughs by Gail Galvan

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New inventions are wonderful, right? The way we do things is simplified and our lives are made easier. Do you think cell phones, texting, and tragic statistics are what Alexander Graham Bell had in mind, though, when he first introduced us to the telephone, when cell phone inventors dazzled us? Pros and cons to everything, right? In fictitious narrative short story and poetic form, the deadly negative consequences of cell phone texting is what this book is all about. Texting distractions disrupt, maim, and kill every day. Like a fatal attraction, sadly, society cannot ignore the dark side related to cell phone texting. Though occasionally humor is a part of the story, mostly, the author makes a profound matter of life and death point: TEXT SAFELY or bad things will happen!

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