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Author: Sarah Hart

Get a Phone Number, Effortlessly Navigate a First Date, and Keep Them HOOKED…

It can be overwhelming even knowing where to start when it comes to dating.
Should you look online, or is meeting people in person the best way to go?

Where once you had to rely on your social circles to meet someone new, now there’s online profiles and dating apps to show yourself off to potentially millions of people.  You might find yourself asking:

  • What is the Best Way to Getting a First Date?
  • What Do You Even Talk About on the Date?
  • How Do You Know if they’re Interested?



What you get inside this book:

  • How to Achieve Higher Levels of Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Learn from past relationships
  • How to Use Dating Apps to your Advantage; and
  • Learn where the Best Places to Find a Date are in real life

We also look at:

  • How to Get a Phone Number
  • A Full Successful First Date Walk-through
  • Tips on Reading Subtle Body Language
  • Becoming Fluent in Flirting; and
  • Dealing with Rejection, in case it just wasn’t meant to be

With the best first date advice for men and women of any age, this book is for those looking to find a real connection and the best way to start a relationship, but find modern dating a struggle to master.

Get started right away to learn the secrets about getting quality dates on modern apps.

Get your eBook copy now!

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