Who Is She?: A suspense thriller that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go until the last page Kindle Edition

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Her eyes pop open like someone surfacing from a nightmare. Shreds of moonlight glimmer through a woodland canopy. How did she get here? A thousand bells seem to be clanging in her ears. There is a strange, terrible smell. Both sweet and bitter. Like burnt meat. Her senses scream that something is very, very wrong. Then she sees it. A hole in the ground. Deep and rectangular. Like a grave…

What readers are saying about the Jack Anderson series:

‘Don’t hesitate, just get this book! A great read for anyone who likes psychological thrillers full of twists and turns.’

‘If you like gritty thrillers you’ll love it. A UK Crime writer up there with the best of them.’

‘It had literally everything… a deranged serial killer and a hero with more issues than vogue. There is life, death, fear manipulation, lies, betrayal… Jack is so damaged that I found myself constantly doubting him until the very last page.’

‘Had me hooked from beginning to end. Twists & turns the whole way.’

‘Wow! The most thrilling psychological thriller I’ve read in a long time.’

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