Strictly Business by Author Elizabeth Hotte

Strictly Business by Author Elizabeth Hotte

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Author: Elizabeth Hotte

A High-Stakes Romantic Comedy of 2nd ChancesHe was the last person Margarie ever wanted to see again.

If it wasn’t bad enough that Rhett Longoria had already stolen a piece of her heart, now Margarie was forced to see him every day. After they broke up, Margarie had hoped to put some distance between herself and Rhett in order to heal. When an opportunity of a lifetime comes up, Margarie thinks she has finally found a way to take her mind off of him. Little did she know that taking the job would mean working directly with and under Rhett.

Now she’s trapped working with the very man who broke her heart.

Will Margarie be able to keep her relationship with Rhett strictly business?

Or will working so close to someone she once loved and now hates cause too much of a temptation for her?

Hot Off the Press from author Elizabeth Hotte!

This Hate-to-Love romcom is sure to tickle your attention until the very last page!

Romantic Comedy book
Strictly Business by Elizabeth Hotte

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