Why Am I Still Crying? by Shanta Collins

Why Am I Still Crying? by Shanta Collins

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“Why am I still crying over the past? Am I truly saved, delivered, and healed? Why am I allowing the enemy to take my past and bring it into my today?” For many years, these questions regurgitated each time someone or something pushed me to focus on my past.Come with me on a journey through my past. I want to share my story in hopes that my past situations and mistakes will comfort you through any past or current situation in your life. In time, God began to illuminate my eyes of understanding, and I could clearly see that I had only suppressed my past; I was not healed. It was not until I could see what I had refused to see, that my healing process began. Totally healed? Not yet, but I have stopped crying.Shanta Collins is a Professional Registered Nurse that has been in the medical profession since 1999. She began writing her first published work in 2009 after feeling a burden to help others through the challenges of living a normal life after abuse. She enjoys singing, comedy and serving others medically and spiritually. Shanta has a passion for helping others to maneuver through the obstacles in their life. She resides in Georgia with her husband and nine children.

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