The Steps: 12 Secrets To Raising Happy and Successful Kids by Andrew Watson and Charles Watson

The Steps: 12 Secrets To Raising Happy and Successful Kids by Andrew Watson and Charles Watson

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The Steps: 12 Secrets To Raising Happy & Successful KidsWhat’s The Best Way To Raise A Child?Is there a foolproof method that will guarantee your kid’s future happiness and success?If you are reading this, then you have probably read a few parenting books or child development books. You already know that raising kids is not a simple process and it requires constant attention.But did you know that you can gain access to a parenting system developed by two experts that will allow you to re-evaluate your parenting methods and spark your child’s creativity, focus, values and communication skills?Dr. Andrew Watson and Dr. Charles Watson, PhD, are passionate about children’s education, psychology and neuroscience. They created a comprehensive parenting book for toddlers and kids that will allow you to:✔️ LEARN the 12 steps to raising happy and successful kids✔️ UNDERSTAND the value of communication and connection at an early age✔️ DEVELOP your own system of values, deliberate practice and growth mindsetWhat’s In It For You (And Your Kids)?Follow the story of Estela, a young journalist who meets a young boy with a special skill. This boy knows how to read better than most adults. When Estela finds out that he attends the Awake Clinic, she decides to meet Dr. Michael Jansen aka “The Baby’s Wizard” and learn his ground-breaking 12-step protocol. That’s when she learns the news that will change her life…This thinly-veiled story will give you a first-row seat to one of the most game-changing parenting lessons. By the end of this eye-opening child parenting book, you will be able to:✔️ COMMUNICATE better with your child – which in turn will build an iron-clad relationship✔️ PROMOTE focus, creativity and self-control – which will help create a balanced young adult✔️ CREATE an environment of understanding, support and good influencesDo You Know Someone Who Could Use This Parenting Book For Young Kids?Surprise your friends, sister, brother, co- workers or relatives with a copy of The Steps and offer them a fresh new perspective. After all, raising a happy child is one of the most demanding tasks. And this child psychology book will definitely give them food for thought.What Are You Waiting For?

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