Steel Trust: A Jack Steel Action Mystery Thriller Prequel Novella

Steel Trust: A Jack Steel Action Mystery Thriller Prequel Novella

Steel Trust book deals by Author Geoffrey Saign

Author: Geoffrey Saign


Terrorists plan to kill millions of innocents in the U.S.

Jack Steel is the last man who can stop them.


Called back from the hellish landscape of Afghanistan to join the covert Blackhood Ops group, deadly special ops veteran Jack Steel is immediately thrust into action for Operation Hellfire.

Steel and his team navigate wilderness to attack sophisticated terrorists that are planning a deadly threat. Expecting poorly-prepared jihadis, the Black Op quickly falls apart.

Worse, Steel has always made a career out of protecting the innocent, and he faces an overwhelming desire to save an innocent child. He knows what his orders are, he’s just not sure he can follow them. Millions of lives hang in the balance, along with Steel’s conscience.

But it doesn’t look like he’ll make it through the day…

Readers are saying about the Jack Steel series… 

A superior thriller series, the likes of which I haven’t seen since Robert Ludlum (Bourne Identity).”

This is a must-read, that gives stiff competition to any other better-known mystery/thriller authors.”

If you relish well-written spy novels with a great plot and realistic characters and action, read Jack Steel by Geoffrey Saign.”

I’m calling it now: Jack Steel is the next great spy series.”

Jack Steel is one bad dude…with a compelling human side to his character.”


Discover the series that readers are calling part Reacher, Rapp, Bourne and all action.

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