Spinderlocke by A.A. Bennett

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Jack Wilde has the perfect life. He lives in an idyllic small town, has the best friends anyone could ask for, and managed to fall in love for the first time. This perfect life starts to crumble as a string of terrifying nightmares invades his dreams, blurring the lines between reality and the dream world.

When phantoms from his nightmares come to life, Jack finds himself pulled into a strange new world filled with magic and monsters. There he meets a girl with a violent past and a boy with a magical ship and crew. Together, they begin a dangerous hunt for an ancient artifact of untold power. Each of them has their own need for the artifact and the task is nearly impossible, but one thing is for certain.

Jack will do whatever it takes to get home.

Spinderlocke is a fantasy adventure about friendship, love and loss.

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