Song of the Severed Lord (The Dreambetween Symphony Book 1)

Song of the Severed Lord (The Dreambetween Symphony Book 1)

Learning to dream was the first step. Learning to survive the dream will be the second…

Lily Markart never felt truly alive until the day she learned to dream. For the first fifteen years of her life, Lily’s father hid her talent from her, and she wants to know why. Following snatches of song that haunt the corners of her mind, she finds herself drawn into the Dreambetween, a realm of shared wonders and nightmares, shaped by those blessed with special dreaming blood.

Blood like Lily’s.

But the same blood that marks her as special may also prove her undoing. For two hundred years, the creature known as the Severed Lord has preyed upon dreamers like Lily, feeding upon their souls, trapping them in eternal sleep. It is his song that has called to Lily, luring her into the Dreambetween and drawing her into his embrace. Now she must find a way to escape the Severed Lord’s snares and discover her potential to reshape the dream before he consumes her.

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