The Silver Disobedience Playbook: 365 Inspirations for Living and Loving Agelessly by Dian Griesel

The Silver Disobedience Playbook: 365 Inspirations for Living and Loving Agelessly by Dian Griesel

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Followers of Dian Griesel’s highly regarded blog SilverDisobedience.Rocks and her social media pages @SilverDisobedience have asked for her essays in book form. This is her response.Daily, thousands of people from all walks of life read and respond to short Silver Disobedience® essays published on an assortment of social media accounts. Not with a mere thumbs-up: Dian’s passionate readers share extensive personal responses, stories and gratitude for her heartfelt candor about deep feelings, thoughts, fears, problems and doubts to which so many seem to closely relate. As a “she-ro” to many, and as one who is said to be grounded in the common sense of being real, Dian offers comforting, challenging and practical advice. Her warmth, relatable stories and overall receptive tone encourages readers to contemplate their own ideas and explorations of age and aging. “Silver Disobedients™,” as her followers proudly call themselves, asked for this collection of daily essays that can be carried, highlighted, read and reread anytime and anywhere, and kept close by for meditation.This book is for all seeking to make life and relationships with ourselves and others work with greater love. It recognizes and embraces our common humanity and challenges, and helps to call forth the inner strength, resilience and courage we might have forgotten we had. A playbook for living and loving agelessly, these essays or meditations, as some call them, remain timelessly relevant for all at any and every phase of life. The book is designed as a “read-it-any-way-you-want.” While reading the introduction is suggested, thereafter the reader is encouraged to open to whatever headings capture attention. To linger as long as desired in reflection of the words and how they personally connect to the reader. To highlight what feels relevant. To doodle, fold pages and enjoy the message.The essays are gentle reminders of our powers and strengths. Each is a stand-alone concept that gently brings readers back to who we are as individuals and collectively. With every page Dian explores the idea that perhaps we really needed each year, each experience, each moment to bring us to the essence of who we were born to be.While Silver Disobedience® originally began by questioning whether age is a number or an attitude, the book goes far deeper. Embracing our already enlightened status along with our uniqueness juxtaposed against the same in others, readers are encouraged to focus first on themselves before looking for answers from others. Teachers and leaders throughout the world in kindergarten through university and beyond are using these essays as prompts to inspire deeper thinking about who we are; what common events and situations impacted each of us throughout our lives; and who we want to be.Exploring life in our 50s and beyond, Dian reminds us that our cumulative years may be the catalyst we need to release a wholly new form of energy that allows us to blossom in entirely new and unexpected ways. She assures readers that growing older is not the same as getting older…and it might be a heck of a lot more fun that we all might have imagined.

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