Run Girl (Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thrillers Book 1) by Eva Hudson

Run Girl (Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thrillers Book 1) by Eva Hudson

A missinrun girlg girl and a race against time: Ingrid Skyberg’s first case in London
In Europe to help broker a peace deal, Secretary of State Jayne Whitticker is in the middle of delicate negotiations when her favorite grandchild goes missing in London.

Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg is hauled out of her FBI training session at Scotland Yard to head the hunt for the 18-year-old girl. The problem is, Ingrid has only one lead, just a few hours to track her down and can’t call in the local cops for back-up in case the story gets leaked to the press.

Will Ingrid find the girl in time? Or will her failure lead to the collapse of crucial peace talks? Enjoy the ride in this fast-paced novella as the toughest Special Agent ever to come out of Quantico buckles up for a thrilling adventure. Resourceful, tenacious and indestructible, Ingrid Skyberg is unputdownable: she can take whatever her adversaries throw at her and still get up for more.

Run Girl sets the scene for Ingrid’s future adventures working out of the US embassy in London. If an American citizen lands in trouble… or winds up dead… or gets accused of a crime they didn’t commit, Ingrid Skyberg is on their case.

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