Rock Bottom To Rock Solid by Author Dr. Peter G. Delaney

Rock Bottom To Rock Solid by Author Dr. Peter G. Delaney

Exercise and Fitness Health Book

Author: Dr. Peter G. Delaney

Dr. Peter “Pete” Delaney seemingly had everything going for him. A nice house, a loving family, and a thriving dental practice. But beneath the facade lay unresolved issues which would lead to a never-ending circle of self-destruction, addiction, and ultimately losing everything.

Overweight, an addict, and incarcerated. Facing the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, Pete came to a crossroads; give up or push up? Contemplating suicide, he chose the latter. Prison provided limited resources and support to work on elevating one’s life, so he put his hands on the concrete floor and started pushing himself up.

In “Rock Bottom to Rock Solid,” Pete reflects on the trouble that landed him face down on the floor, and his life-changing experience of being an inmate in Connecticut’s prison system. Pete’s introspective story explores, defines, and maps out the fall, the transformation, and the ascent to a better and stronger self. In mind, body, and spirit.

Working on his body first, Pete found that the mental benefits quickly followed and rapidly surpassed the physical ones. Learning from the workout habits of other inmates, he was able to develop a bodyweight workout routine of pushups, pull-ups, and the ab wheel that provided him with the best possible results for his body and mind.

Finally, accepting himself for who he is as a person (the good, the bad, and the ugly) provided an avenue to recovery. Following a simple workout program, Pete lost fifty pounds of body fat, packed on muscle, and increased his fitness level and mental sharpness. It was through this transformation from “rock bottom to rock-solid” that Pete also re-learned the importance of hard work, dedication, patience, and never giving up.

By outlining his journey to a better, stronger self, Pete shares what works for him. The book provides an excellent guide to increasing your fitness with tips on improving your workout game, your diet, achieving your goals, and bettering your overall outlook on life. Pete’s bodyweight workout program is simple, cost-effective, and something that anyone can do. Best of all, it is a great way to “own your workout with your workout owning you.”

If it helps one person not to descend into the depths of despair that I faced, it was worth putting pen to paper.” – Pete

Learn to love your workout. Love yourself. Seize the opportunity and get started today.

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