Ribbons of Death by Edita A. Petrick

Ribbons of Death by Edita A. Petrick

Ribbons of Death (Peacetaker Series Book 1) Kindle Edition

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Myth…or more? Either way, the adventure spells danger for everyone involved.Three months after surviving a deadly riot in Cairo, Timothy Carter is compelled to track down Stella Hunter, a disgraced academic who’s book could be the key to deciphering whether the legend of the Peacetaker is more than a dusty myth. She might be a recluse, and people think she’s crazy, but she’s his only hope to find answers to questions he’s been asking himself since receiving the scars that now mar his face.Stella Hunter isn’t looking to be ridiculed, especially by a federal agent, but there’s something different about Carter. Maybe it’s that he’s holding a worn copy of her book with stained blood on the pages. He’s insistent her knowledge regarding the Peacetaker myth will explain the strange disturbances in Egypt, but that’s not why she agrees to help. For Stella, it’s all about salvaging her career by proving she was right. The only problem is, helping Carter will mean facing dangers the likes of which she’s never imagined.Fans of Dan Brown and National Treasure will love this addicting techno-thriller.

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